The possibilities are indeed endless regarding the range of block combinations and imaginable color palettes you can create when building structures, objects, or unique works of art in Minecraft. However, dealing with color theory can be troublesome, especially when considering the hundreds of blocks, each with its own simplistic or complex color scheme. To simplify the process of choosing which colors best fit your creation, we have devised an approach using free online tools to help you pick the ideal color combos and block palettes.

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How to choose the best block palettes in Minecraft

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There are two details to consider when deciding the best block palettes in Minecraft. First, color preference is a matter of taste, meaning there is no perfect combo for any block. What you choose is ideal for your creation. Next, you must realize that achieving a definitive color theory for your structures can be incredibly challenging without experience in art or design. Therefore, we believe you can save time and stress in deciding on a color palette by using one of three free online tools: Color Space, Paletton, and Adobe Color. 

Using Color Space for Minecraft block palettes

Using Color Space to make Minecraft Block Palettes
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Of the three tools we listed, Color Space is undoubtedly our favorite and most effortless to use for Minecraft block palettes. All you must do is pick a single color, and the site will generate over a dozen amazing-looking blends, gradients, and palettes to choose from. The simplistic block style of the UI also fits well for choosing blocks with a similar color in Minecraft.

Using Paletton for Minecraft block palettes

Using Paletton to make Minecraft Block Palettes
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Paletton is more complex than Color Space but provides a more visual approach using a color wheel with a visual simulation window. While the UI is not as bright and friendly as Color Space, Paletton’s visual simulation color schemes contain blocks that you can use to reference Minecraft blocks in-game. 

Using Adobe Color for Minecraft block palettes

Using Adobe Color to make Minecraft Block Palettes
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Our third recommendation for free color palette generators for Minecraft is Adobe Color. Similar to Adobe’s other renowned editing tools, Adobe Color provides the most complexity and variety compared to our previous two picks. However, if you take the time to learn, practice, and fine-tune which colors you want, this tool can certainly become the ultimate method of pinpointing the exact block combo you’re looking for.

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Red Standstone Minecraft Block Palettes
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Before concluding, we would like to provide an example of how one could use Color Space to make an ideal Minecraft block palette.

  1. Suppose you want to use Red Sandstone on an exterior house wall but need help figuring out where to start. Input the color orange into Color Space and press “Generate.”
  2. After scrolling down, let’s assume the Spot Palette caught your eye. The next step would be to match the colors with blocks in-game. In our case, we chose Red Sandstone, Mud Bricks, Sandstone, and Dark Prismarine.
  3. The final step is implementation, which could take a few minutes to several hours. Experiment with the Minecraft blocks to create what you feel is ideal for your initial design. With enough practice, you can use tools like Color Space to generate the optimal color theory for your creations in no time. 

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