Giving presents to NPCs is a necessary part of Postknight 2. There are nine unique characters in the game, and each loves particular items known in the game as gifts.

In this guide, you will find the best gifts for each NPC in Postknight 2. We included not only the best presents but also some good items that will make NPCs smile. Let’s start!


If Postknight 2 is the first RPG-like adventure game you’ve ever played, you might have many questions about the gifting system. It has been available since the game’s first part, but many players still don’t know how it works.

Gifting is used to set up a connection with a particular NPC. The bond is measured on a scale of five Hearts. Once you reach the highest level of relationships, your dialogues, animations, and interactions with that NPC will change significantly.

Still, compared to the first Postknight, the system in the second part has two valuable improvements that make it better:

  • The relationships with an NPC won’t change if you refuse to talk with him or her
  • If you give a present that an NPC dislikes, the number of hearts won’t decrease. You will only see the special animation of a sickly face.

Even though it might seem like these changes are minor, they significantly improved NPCs and your interactions with them in the new Postknight game.

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