With week two of its Fantasy FUT promo coming to a close, FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team mode already has another new batch of unique cards up its sleeve. Alongside the launch of Season 5’s rewards, fans noticed a loading screen teasing a FUT Ballers event that seemingly features upgradeable players and new objectives. Leaks have now pointed to it the promo consisting of daily Squad Building Challenges and at least five major stars.

According to notable dataminer FutSheriff, the FUT Ballers Ultimate Team promo will revolve around players needing to earn its dedicated cards from Squad Based Challenges, after which they can complete “Play to Style Objectives” in order to upgrade particular ratings and moves. However, they did note that FUT Ballers will supposedly not be within any packs, though new challenges and objectives will release each day.

via FutSheriff’s Twitter

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The dataminer has asserted that at least five players are reportedly known to be a part of the event: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mason Mount, Arnaut Danjuma, Aidan McGeady, and Dejan Kulusevski. They also predicted that players could sport Overall ratings in the high 80s. Although this has yet to be confirmed, it is worth noting the promo’s teaser includes a fully upgraded Oxlade-Chamberlain with an 88 Overall.

The FUT Ballers promo is slated to begin on Friday, March 17, so more details surrounding it should come in mere hours. In the meantime, there are still plenty of new cards to collect before the promo kicks off. The mode has introduced a new Squad Building Challenge that rewards an Out of Position Dante card, ultimately letting the defender become a striker. At the time of writing, several Fantasy FUT challenges are also available for a short time, including the Mario Gomez SBC.

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