Hunt the Night, an upcoming retro dark fantasy adventure from developer Moonlight Games and publisher DANGEN Entertainment, will officially launch on April 13th, 2023. It will be available on Steam, but there are plans for a console release later on. You can watch the full release date trailer on DANGEN Entertainment’s official YouTube channel here:

Hunt the Night was originally expected to arrive on PC this month, but there has been no official word on the cause for delay. The previous tweet aiming for March also noted that console ports should be expected “a few months later”, so it’s safe to assume that those ports will also end up delayed by around a month:

The soundtrack for Hunt the Night instantly leaps to the forefront. The game’s official Steam page notes the collaboration of Hiroki Kikuta, and the talent definitely shows. The music in today’s new trailer is just melodic enough to create contrast with askew sounds, resulting in something legitimately mysterious and creative.

This lends a lot of potency to the in-game world, which is already quite surreal and imaginative. The settings explored in today’s trailer boast environments and smaller details that make everything feel lived-in. There’s a sense of cosmic ambition and dense history in this game that look very appealing. The statues, flora, structures and chasms all feel very unique from each other.

The creature designs are another highlight, with enemies that both fit traditional dark fantasy fare and elaborate on it. However, the mechanics don’t seem quite as inventive, with simple ground pounds and waves of fire. It’d be nice to see the more of the stages play a role in combat.

Either way, this game has potential to tell a twisted and dramatic story, so hopefully it can live up to the promises in today’s compelling trailer.

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