Creative Assembly, the development team behind Total War: Warhammer III, has just revealed that a new studio has been created and is already working on “an unannounced project”. It will be collaborating with existing Creative Assembly studios and is also introducing a “Continuous Improvement Team”. Here’s the big announcement from Creative Assembly’s official Twitter feed:

Creative Assembly has continued to keep the Total War series strong, through highs and lows, and the latest installment was a resounding success. Total War: Warhammer III was a massive finale with high expectations, and it ultimately proved to be the most ambitious entry yet. It packed in more lore and mechanics than ever, leaving fans speculating about the future.

Most recently, Total War: Warhammer III announced that Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs will roll out for Update 3.0 on April 13th, 2023. You can review a new trailer for the update on Total War’s official YouTube channel here:

Creative Assembly has almost exclusively worked in the Total War business. So, the “unannounced project” is very likely going to usher in the next step forward for the franchise, especially since they’re working alongside the central Sussex team. Total War: Warhammer III launched a year ago, as of last month, so there has been plenty of time to prepare for something new.

Creative Assembly has also been able to find success whenever they reach into new territory. Alien: Isolation really captured the spirit of the original film, with shadowy, worn interiors that create genuine dread and a xenomorph that feels powerful and clever.

It’d be interesting to see if CA North is interested in establishing more one-offs or another series altogether. After all, Creative Assembly also developed HYENAS, an upcoming shooter that has been regularly teasing upcoming maps like “Greed is Good”.

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