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If you’ve been active on social media lately, you may have noticed a low-resolution image making the rounds that claim players can redeem an “exclusive Emerald Axe” pickaxe in Fortnite.

The accompanying captions usually mention downloading “Temu” and include a code to type into the app to redeem the alleged new Harvesting Tool in-game. Is the Fortnite Emerald Axe real, or just some St. Patrick’s Day trickery?

Is The Fortnite Emerald Axe Promotion Real?

Not only is the Emerald Axe Fortnite promotion completely fake, but The Emerald Axe itself doesn’t actually exist.

The translucent green “pickaxe” shown in the viral image is an edited version of the iconic Star Wand Harvesting Tool, which regularly returns to the in-game Item Shop.

Epic Games has no affiliation with Temu or similar apps that promise free items or V-Bucks. Any user posting the image is attempting to trick players into entering their referral code to earn money, just like the recent “AttaPoll x Fortnite” TikTok scam.

“There are plenty of sites you have come across that offer “free” games or items (such as V-Bucks) for your account. These offers are not real. If a game is truly free then it will be offered for free in the official Epic Games Store.” – Epic Games.

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How to Keep Your Fortnite Account Safe

Follow the steps featured on Epic Games’ Account Safety page to keep your Fortnite/Epic account and the precious items they hold as safe as possible. This includes:

  • Enabling Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Verifying your e-mail address.
  • Not purchasing or selling your account.
  • Keeping your password to yourself and never sharing with others.
  • Keeping your computer secure and up to date.
  • Using a unique password.

As the Emerald Axe posts didn’t request any information on your Epic Account, your account is most likely safe. If you have shared personal data, we recommend changing your password as soon as possible and contacting Player Support.

How to Get St Patrick’s Day Fortnite Items

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Epic games

While you sadly can’t get your hands on the Emerald Axe, there’s still gold under the rainbow. Plenty of other magical St. Patrick’s Day cosmetics are available in the Fortnite Item Shop every March.

The closest item to the Emerald Axe is the Pot O’ Gold Harvesting tool: a green and gold cane topped with a clover, a floating pot of gold, and a protruding rainbow — complete with sparkly particle effects.

Players looking for free items should check out our guide on ‘How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite.’ You can also earn a bunch of cosmetics by purchasing the Battle Pass for a small sum of V-Bucks each season, which often includes exciting crossover items.

– This article was updated on March 16th, 2023

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